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our corner

suite of 6 prints


7 x 9 inches each

copperplate etching, chine collé, watercolour hand tinting

A hand-knit blanket acts as a nest shared between two figures, anonymous as they navigate the space under the refuge of the blanket by which they are covered. They counterbalance each other through the stretch of the blanket and the weight of its give - a push/pull that the viewer can see from the outside without having a full picture of what may be going on underneath. They are placed in a sparse corner of a room, their shadow taking up more space that they occupy themselves. A foot protrudes from under the blanket - sometimes an elbow, sometimes a hand. 


As an artist, I am interested in themes of personal relationships, intimacy, and how these factors impact our identities. our corner specifically examines the intimacy of shared space in cohabiting relationships. My work is largely informed by social constructivist theories, wherein our relationships with others shape ourselves as individuals. Further, I am influenced by Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space in relating human experiences of comfort, safety, and tactility to the object of the nest, or the act of nesting.


our corner begins with photoshoots of a collaborative performance between my partner and I occupying the space under a hand-knit blanket. I translate the “love hours” ascribed to the craft of knitting, a sign of the domestic and further representation of the time and work invested into one another in a relationship, to the careful rendering of the blankets through hard-ground line. The small scale of the prints invites close inspection, further speaking to themes of engagement and intimacy and allowing viewers to consider themselves in relation to these nesting figures.

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